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Your taxes are our business.

About Us

What are people saying?

Stress-free and Easy​

Katie and Allen, having worked with them both, are professional and thorough. I came to Korea not understanding the extent of my filing duties, and therefore neglected my taxes for years. The  process of completing my back taxes was made painless with Klemsen Consulting. I have stayed current for 3 years, and continue to be a loyal customer.

- Dennis John Battistella, Jr.

We know expat taxes!

The tax professionals at Tax Uncomplicated and Klemsen Consulting are are dedicated to assisting you in filing your US federal and state taxes. From teachers to business men and women, business owners and stay at home spouses, we are happy to help. 

Fast and Thorough 

Klemsen Consulting / Tax Uncomplicated and Katie's patient service here in South Korea turned the process of years of overseas back tax filing from an overwhelming mission impossible, to a simple and manageable task. All along the way she helped me to figure out what documents were important and where to find them, while assuaging my fears at having let my taxes go for so long that perhaps I was bound for tax prison! Everything I needed to do was outlined in a clear checklist process. Response time to questions was incredibly fast, and all questions were treated very kindly.  If you are an expat struggling with your US Tax returns, just stop, and call Katie. You will save yourself headache and rest assured you have complied with all the new US regulations.

- Jemma Abbate

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